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While native inhabitants, intimately knowledgeable with their local soil and weather conditions, have oftentimes known to plant in harmony with the lunar cycles (see more info here), Maria Thun, a leading authority on biodynamic agriculture, took this idea one step further.

Why is local so important? Locavorism, buying and eating from local sources in season, is very much in the headlines these days. But localism is important on many levels, not just food and agriculture.

Lunar and Solar rhythms in biodynamic agriculture - Moon Phases


healthy cooking 101

You may have read food critic Michael Pollan’s famous food slogans to “eat food, not too much, mostly plants,” and to eat only “what your great-grandmother would have recognized as food.” This excludes of course all the processed bad-for-you convenience foods, and basically recommends making your own out of a few good base ingredients.

Two recent articles made me aware of a truer meaning of sustainable agriculture and where we need to go next in our farm-to-table awareness.


why heirlooms?

Heirloom fruit and vegetables are older varieties that will reproduce exactly the same kind of plant again from its seeds (hybrids can’t). Biodiversity is also a very important reason to choose heirlooms over hybrids

We eat lots of vegetables, and especially lots of greens, which goes hand in hand with tons of vegetables scraps. But stop – no need to throw them away and waste them. In fact, calling them scraps indicates that we think of them as lowly. Here are some ideas of what to do with your valuable raw vegetable leftovers, nose-to-tail in vegetable speak: Read more on my blog...

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