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She calls me "Mama Leisha": I Remembered The Day I Accepted Me

Guidelines for Leaving Kids Home Alone with Printable

Guidelines for Leaving Kids Home Alone with Printable - simple ideas for allowing kids to stay home alone.

To the Strangers in Whole Foods Who Surrounded Me After News of My Father’s Suicide

Dear Strangers, I remember you. Ten months ago, when my cellphone rang with news of my father’s suicide, you were walking into Whole Foods prepared to do your grocery shopping, just as I had been only minutes before you.

A 36-year-old mom who passed away earlier this week from cancer left a hilarious and emotional letter to her family -- and her husband is sharing her last words with the world.

40 Things I Can Do At 40 That I Couldn't When I Was 20

A man found a handwritten note on an empty chair at the San Francisco Airport. It said “read me” on the outside, so he read it and was amazed.

A couple days ago my two year old came in from the backyard beaming. “Look, Mom!” he said. “Look what I found!” He showed me a daffodil that he had plucked from the yard. It…