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from All I Care About Is My Corgi

All I Care About Is My Corgi

Do you love your Corgi with all of your heart? Having a Corgi is like having a child and nothing can take that love away! Humans, on the other hand, can be so fickle... That's why we like to only keep

This is so true but sometimes we have to realize that there are those who cannot stay in our hearts or in our lives because too much damage has been done. It's called looking out for yourself, your children and others that you love and that love you with all of your/their heart! There is NO room for those that don't want you in their life!! Be happy with those that TRULY love you!

I know you are struggling with what to say, if anything but I can't leave without telling you how much I Miss YOU very, very much! I am so in love with YOU & all I can think about is how much I miss YOU & how much I want to be with YOU!! I just ache for YOU!! I Do Baby..I Do!! Please let's at least hold each other tight in our hearts! I need YOU!!!!***

I've never left you. I'm a heartbeat away......all you've needed to do is say the word and you're in my arms again. There should've never been any hurt between us.....because all we've ever done is love each other with all our hearts.