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Cheers to the 2016 Presidential Election, also known as: The world's worst game of Would You Rather?

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Trump VS Clinton - Presidential Election 2016 - Comparing and Contrast

Compare and contrast two 2016 presidential candidates: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. This pack includes paired passages that compare and contrast each candidate and includes organizers (venn diagrams and t-charts) as well as worksheets (trading cards, persuasive writing planning sheet, final copy paper) that you can PRINT & GO!!!

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Great Free Resources for Teaching Election 2016

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Funny 2016 Election Memes: Trump and the Hunger Games

Narcissists have no powers of self-reflection. Trump gazes into a fun house mirror and sees a svelte 30-year-old. He's also terribly sexist and feels that women should all look like Barbie dolls. Combine narcissism and sexism and it's heinous.

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Elections 2016 Homeschool Resources

A comprehensive list of resources to teach your children and homeschool students about the Elections process.

The situation begs to question, if it wasn't for Wikileaks, just who the hell is supposed to report the damned criminal activity without being found dead the next morning?!?

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Election 2016 Bundle

The 2016 election promises to present some tricky navigation for elementary teachers. Our kids will hear things about the candidates and the election at home, and may bring the discussion and questions into class with them. It can be hard to decide how to handle it all inside our classrooms.This resource will get your students talking about what issues are important to them, will allow them to learn and think about each candidate, explore some of the terms and practices associated with the…