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Vintage Bundt Pan Copper Coated Aluminum Cake Jello Mold Holiday Baking . The wonderful world of baking

TV Guide July 30, 1977 - Johnny Carson of The Tonight Show. Illustration by Al Hirschfeld.

" I`ll always remember the great actor, A.E. Matthews, who said on his death bed, `Dying`s tough - but not as tough as comedy."

“The big picture is that we are intimately bound to animals and it is satisfying to take them in and tame them. Subconsciously, we are a mishmash. We don’t know who we are, and so to simplify things, we predicate our individuality on animals.” Dr. Yi-Fu Tuan, a cultural geographer at the University of Wisconsin

Martin Luther King Jr-"I have a dream.." 50th anniversary.. not sure more powerful words have ever been spoken!

the right man for me has delt w his past and are free of his past , available , ready for ME, IN ALL MY GLORY IN GOD Yea Tak

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