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THRASHDEATHGERA: Haven't Said Enough - The First Signs Of Malfuncti...

An incredible old school death metal album from the band Obituary. My second favorite death metal band, following Death.

brutalgera: Haven't Said Enough - The First Signs Of Malfuncti...

Time and time again, Napalm Death never seems to amaze me, returning back after 3 years and just as brutal as ever. On Feb 27, 2012, ND released there 15th album "Utilitarian" which came with great reviews, and not to mention the truly amazing Grindcore skills. If u haven't got the album, GET IT! In fact buy there discography or die!

Carcass <3 Where did it go wrong with me? At the discovery of Carcass, thanks to puppy love and teenie me wanting to impress a guy. The love is long gone, haven't seen the guy in ages, but Carvass stayed

Putrefaction, a scent that cursed be, under cold dark dust. From the darkness, rise a succubus, from the earthen rust