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Great Websites for Read Aloud Books & Read to Me Stories

Great Websites that have FREE Read-Aloud and Read-to-Me stories for kids! Wonderful way to have excellent kids books available on your iPad, phone or laptop for the kids to listen to anytime -- great to use in the classroom for one-on-one time or group reading time.


Phonics SECRETS™

Secret Stories ‘TH’ These two letters should never be together- EVER! And yet, pick up any book, and look at any page, And there they are, side-by-side! And whenever they are together in a word, They always do exactly the same thing- They ‘stick their tongues out at each other’ and say- “Thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Examples: this, that, those, them, they

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Not Shy

that's so me because I can be mean and I don't gave a problem telling somebody I don't like them


The Best Early Reader Books with Seasonal Themes

Best Early Reader Books for Thanksgiving - seasonal themed books for more incentive to get kids #reading! #kidlit #thanksgiving

from The Dodo

Alaska Governor Allows "kill-on-site" Policy for Orphaned Wolf Pups and Bear Cubs

Alaska Governor Allows "kill-on-site" Policy for Orphaned Wolf Pups and Bear…

from Teaching in the Fast Lane

Questions to Ask About Reading Freebie!

Are parents always asking you how they can help their students become better readers? This list of questions is a quick way to help!


How to Prepare Your Book for an Editor

Find out how to prepare your book for an editor with these 4 writing tips! The editing process can be a wonderful opportunity for writers, so make the most of it by preparing ahead of time. ~ book writing ~ writer tips

from 99TravelTips

15 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Italy

The river Nile, Cairo, Egypt - Explore the World with Travel Nerd Nici, one Country at a Time.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime Story: How the Birds got their Songs and Colors

Looking for a cultural story for a class presentation or assembly? Want to have an accompanying art display? Everything you need is here! $