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Special Ed Assessment Request Letter

I would have a stack of these outside my office next to the mailbox so that students who were not comfortable coming to me directly, or came at a time when I was busy, could let me know that they needed to see me. In doing this, it would allow for more students to have an opportunity to meet with me about things that might be bothering them.

Per request by my wonderful Intervention Specialist teaching partner, I made this getting to know you activity for students to fill out. For us, we tend to get new students throughout the year, an...

The Power of Connection: How a Request for Collaborating Classrooms BLEW UP thanks to my Blog, Twitter & Facebook - Edutopia

This is a slideshow for people learning to write FBA (functional behavior assessments) for kids with special needs at school. It is REALLY helpful for parents to see what an FBA is, however, and how it will work. If your child has anxiety, ADHD. etc and is getting in a lot of trouble at school you should request an FBA. The administrators will act like it is a big deal and an inconvenience but it is your child's right by law.

When a child is not doing well in school, there may be good reason for you to request an immediate assessment. Responsible parents always want to be certain the school is providing what is needed for their child to succeed in school. To know what is necessary, a Learning Assessment is the first thing to do in order to identify the issues to remedy.

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