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Potato Salad Recipes

Creamy Cucumber and Grilled Potato Salad | “When I was a kid, my mom would marinate cucumbers, red onions and canned potatoes in jarred creamy Italian dressing,” says Jamie Bissonnette. “I’m not saying she was a great cook, but creamy Italian dressing is still my favorite. I make a version of it for this salad.”

Toasted Bread and Parmesan Kale Salad

The BEST Simple Kale Salad - finely shredded kale with Parmesan, golden toasted bread crumbs, and a simple lemon and olive oil dressing. Tangy, crunchy, SO GOOD.

Marinated Kale Salad - Topped off with some protein packed hemp seeds and a wonderful lemon-garlic, flaxseed oil dressing, this quick salad not only packs a huge nutritional punch, it has a wonderful complexity of flavor that is refreshing and delightful to your palate! It is a perfect addition to your raw food diet recipe collection!

Grilled kale salad with beets, figs, and ricotta

- this would be great on the canyon even without the ricotta. And the figs could be grilled - or even grilled wrapped in bacon or turkey bacon. I bet you could use dried figs reconstituted in honey/balsamic/olive oil in a ziplock for a couple days...