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Clever Fashion Illustrations With Real Flower Petals As Clothing. sketchbook assignment
Fashion Illustrations With Real Flower Petals As Clothing  -  This is actually quite brilliant.  Each idea spawns about ten more as you go along....
Singaporean 22-year-old fashion artist Grace Ciao has brought pleasant surprises to the world with her breathtaking illustrations that transform flower petals into amazing dresses worthy of any runway! Inspired by a pure hope to preserve the beauty of flowers, Grace came up with a series of stunning designs that are truly unconventional and remarkable. Join …
"He could never see her come into a room without a sense of the flowing of robes, of the flowering of blossoms, of the purple waves of the sea."        ~Virginia Woolf, 'Night and Day'  ... Jennelise Rose (drawing dresses)
Limited edition of 75 signed art prints. About Garance Doré is a fashion illustrator, photographer and fashion blogger. Her illustrations have appeared in work for Vogue Paris, Dior, Chopard, Louis Vu
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Poppy Delevingne in Vivienne Westwood.