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Lol.. This is what my Princess does all the time!!
"Flowchart: Do You Have to Wake Up Yet?" by Susanna Wolff - CollegeHumor Article
Waking up the Avengers with Nick Fury. I think my favorite part is Fury's bunny slippers lol
Drink Ovaltine at night and wake up gay the next morning....
"Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood" fan art - How to Wake Up Edward Elric by Perfectlykawaii93.deviantart.com
Percy, Jason and Nico. If the three of them had to share a bed.---Its like they wake up and are all like "Sorry Nico" And NICO IS ALL BLUSHING AND HES ALL "NO PROBLEM"
How cat people wake up…  This is true, except Snarf bites my husbands face first.
Nordic characters waking up - Art by Sabata Yuki (omgggg... Sweden looks so hot here!)
That is if I ever am able to go to sleep.....Life with Fibromyalgia