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House A+B / buerger katsota architects

Built by buerger katsota architects in Santa Maria, Greece with date Images by Dimitris Kalapodas. The scheme aims at accommodating the different needs of two families on vacation. The single volume of one building i...

Casa AR / Lucio Muniain et al

Built by Lucio Muniain et al in Ciudad López Mateos, Mexico with date Images by Onnis Luque. A composition of frames to paint within them using the sun, the shadows of the trees, with the wet landscape that lea...

Cien House / Pezo von Ellrichshausen

As the lines between our public and personal lives become increasingly blurry, designers are helping redefine privacy for the century. Here we explore the new frontiers—in residential architecture, product design, and furnishings.

House in Otake / Suppose Design Office

Built by Suppose Design Office in Otake, Japan with surface Images by Toshiyuki Yano from Nacasa&Partners Inc.. The Otake house is located in the West of Hiroshima prefecture, on a high plateau that neighbors the Kamei Park of ...