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FORREAL!! notice what you have and who's there for you. notice who cares about you and loves you, then keep them in your life! just remember you dont deserve them and make them feel amazing everyday bc they are doing it already!

"Who run the world? Girls!" Ahhh Queen B you are self belief personified! Love this quote from @pika_and_pookie 's new collection of Girl Boss quote cards. I also love 'No pressure no diamonds' and 'Beautiful minds inspire others'. Perfect gift for your #girlboss friends with Christmas coming up! Don't forget that Pika and Pookie are giving you 25% off if you use the code WHITEFOX25 when checking out on their website how good is that?! Happy shopping!#whitefoxstyling


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Survivor: As she wiped the blood from her lip she smiled and said in a tone of determination, Is that all that you have? You have tried your damnedest to beat me down. I have been spit in the face by the betrayal of those close to me. I have tasted the bitterness of the bullshit of lies fed to me by those who said they loved me. You expected me to be the good girl for the sake of others, while sacrificing my own identity. I have walked through days with nothing but shreds...


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That's us! Making others feel good about themselves is a better feeling than making them feel bad about themselves. Unfortunately it's impossible for some people and they're usually the ones who need a smile the most. @amber_lyerly @llw2773

I'm an atheist, and that's it. I believe there's nothing we can know except that we should be kind each other and do what we can for people. Katharine Hepburn

from Call Me PMc

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well the guy i like is talking to another girl and what is bad is that he comes to me about the problems they have. i just want to tell him shes not good enough for him but i just cant do that cuz i dont think he feels the same way


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Yep passing instead of shooting when you know they have a better shot, sacrificing a cool play for yourself when a teammate could get an even better one and things like that