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iShark from Shapeways #3dPrinteresting #3dPrinting

Shark iPhone Dock - The iShark is an iPhone 'gramophone.' It magnifies the tiny speaker on your iphone when you pop it in the slot in the iShark's back (and also making your iPhone a dorsal fin). The sound emerges from the iShark's mouth.

Creature Cups this is kinda scary haha

I think it would be super fun to find an Octopus at the bottom of my cup in the morning! Octopus Creature Cup by Yumi Yumi

Mario +coffee!

This Level-Up Pipe Mug may not warp you to another level, but it will warp your drink into your mouth with each sip. This mug looks just like the warp pipes we& gone down many times in the Super Mario video games. It holds 15

#lunes #café #felicidad

From previous pinner: Monday morning is hard to swallow. Whet your appetite with the Monday Mug, a playful porcelain coffee cup that actually perks up as you do. Me: Another mug for the future coffee rack of awesommeness.

Day & Night Mug | Stupid.com

Day & Night Mug

Day Night Coffee Mug - Changes from light to dark with heated liquid.I love that it has a Map on it, I Love Maps!

Bottle openers are either utilitarian affairs or become quickly outdated, but we all know in our heart of hearts  that Zombies are forever.

The Zombie Bottle Opener is the perfect bottle opener for the alcoholic zombie enthusiast in your life. Each Zombie Bottle Opener is handcrafted and hand