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Ptychagnostus Burgess Shale Trilobite

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Cyclobatis is an extinct genus of stingray-like skate from the Upper Cretaceous of what is now Lebanon. The genus is typified by a circular form, hence the prefix "Cyclo-," meaning "wheel-like," and the presence of an extremely short tail.

Trilobite | Dramatic Moroccan Devonian Trilobite Kolihapeltis rabatensis

Rare Ptychagnostus michaeli Trilobites Trilobites Order Agnostida, Family Ptychagnostidae Hypagnostus parvifrons Trilobites Order Agnostida, Family Spinagnostidae Geological Time: Middle Cambrian Size: 4mm and 6mm Fossil Site: Marjum Formation, Millard County, Utah

Stunning Matacanthina Devonian trilobite from Morocco. With the advent of a reliable source of electricity Moroccan preparators have graduated from using a nail to fine micro-abrasive techniques long available to their US counterparts. Exquisitely-prepared trilobites like this one are the end result. Check out my website for other examples and more to come in the near future.

Trilobite Harpides sp Lower Fezouata Shales, Dra Valley, Morocco Perhaps the best preserved specimen of this rare species yet discovered.

Drotops megalomanicus Trilobite in Defensive Posture Drotops megalomanicus Trilobites Order Phacopida, Family Phacopidae Geological Time : Middle Devonian Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Trilobite is 175 mm long (curve measure) 75 mm across. Matrix: 70 mm by 75 mm. Fossil Site: Djebel Issimour, Alnif, Morocco