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Day 2 of the BIG CHOP! I woke up today excited to use my flexirods until I tried putting them in my hair realizing my hair is too short to use them yet. So I was like "Okay, this is the moment of truth. Let's see what your hair naturally looks like without being put under any dryer or anything. Let's see what your air dried curls will look like." I was super nervous & I cant deny the fact that it was so hard to not pick up a curling iron. But I pushed through because I have a purpose for…

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I grew up loving Herringbone's but I wanted to put a girly twist on it! This is my necklace from my HBG x Tyme the Infamous collab! | CakeFace Creator @tymetheinfamous Instagram photos | Websta (Webstagram)

Fashion your seat belt (28 photos)

Silly, really, that I'm pinning this. I have no reason or place to wear something like this...not that I would...or could (!!), but I still find it STUNNING! So...pinning!! :)