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Motivational Quotes I Truly Believe In: Part 2

God, please send me where I belong while I'm still alive to find my peace. Dollmania

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100 Inspirational and Motivational Quotes of All Time! (44)

FOOLS take a knife + stab people in the back... The WISE take a knife, Cut the cord + Set themselves FREE from the Fools... hahaha <3 ;)*

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100 Inspirational and Motivational Quotes of All Time! (17)

October 19th...I can't wait for my 20 seconds. I am stronger then I have ever felt before an I'm ready to go face to face with a huge mistake and walk away with my head held high!!! -kc

Only one person made me feel this way.

I do wonder this bc I kinda know how it feels to feel like this around someone..

I forgive you never asking you to forget. Never expecting you to forgive me. I loved you J. I had a shitty way of showing it at the end because of my addiction...but just know that I loved you to the core of my being and will always wonder if we could have been great. I am not that person any longer. She is gone, you wouldn't even recognize me any more. Aside from living, I actually have the WANT to live. You are a link in the chain of things that brought me to sobriety. For that I am…