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Video game pendant of Yoshi from Super Mario World for the SNES 18 inches on ball chain, yoshi pendant, gamer gifts, video game jewelry

Video game pendant of Yoshi from Super Mario by ReturnersHideout, $12.50

Video game necklace Illusion of Gaia on brass ball chain - Free size adjustments - Video game jewelry - geekery

Illusion of Gaia pendant on ball chain 18 by ReturnersHideout, $16.00

Super Metroid Ridley pendant with purple, black and pink seed beads - 20 inches free size adjustments - video game jewelry - gamer

Video game necklace Super Metroid Ridley by ReturnersHideout, $12.50

Castlevania 4 pendant on brass ball chain - video game jewelry - castlevania - super nintendo - snes games - retro video game

Castlevania IV box art pendant on brass ball by ReturnersHideout, $16.00

Final Fantasy necklace CLOUD pendant - gamer - video game jewelry - cloud strife - final fantasy vii - ff7 - gifts for gamers

FFVII Cloud pendant on ball chain 18 inches by ReturnersHideout, $16.00

Mario fire flower necklace video game nintendo by ReturnersHideout, $12.50

Myst videogame necklace with beads - retro gaming - geekery

Mega Man video game pendant on ball chain - SNES - super nintendo - geek jewelry - retro gamer, snes, super nintendo, video game jewelry

Mega Man X pendant on a18 inch ball chain FREE by ReturnersHideout, $16.00