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So never think that Allāh doesn’t hear you nor does he ignore or abandon you, as He says in the Qur’an; “And He is the Hearing, the Knowing.” 2:137 So always make du’a to Him because Allāh loves to be asked. [1] Muhammad ﷺ said; “Allāh the Most High is Munificent & Generous and is ashamed to turn away empty & disappointed the hands of a man when he raises them to Him” And when you feel like it’s not happening and that you are falling out of trust and your heart is filled with doubt…

So grateful for his love, the gift of peace, l so love the Heavenly Father. Hoping your relationship is as active as the breaths you take, that he is stead fast in your life, that even in these times, you may experience his love and contentment

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