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from Bradford Exchange Online

I Will Praise You With My Soul Figurine

I Will Praise You With My Soul" Angel Figurine. I love this figurine and would love to have it.

Always speak and think kindly about yourself because your soul needs your love and approval - Doreen Virtue #quotes #angels #love

annnd thats why I love spike! not only did he have the capability to love without a soul, he was also a better person in general. Angel was a jerk before he was a vamp, Spike was a hopeless romantic. William the bloody - for his bloody awful poetry! /end monologue.


Soulmate Love Meditation

Archangel Haniel and your team of guides and angels connect to support you in healing and uplifting your personal energy with Divine Love to magnetize True Soulmate Love into your life.

"Love bestows prophecy; love yields miracles; love is an abyss of illumination; love is a fountain of fire, in the measure that it wells up, it inflames the thirsty soul. Love is the state of angels. Love is the progress of eternity." St. John Climacus; Orthodoxy