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Draco Malfoy (c) JK Rowling A piece I've done in my free time between classes. More like a color/light study. Ref

Hannelore Baron. "Everything I’ve done is a statement on the, as they say, human condition...the way other people march to Washington, or set themselves on fire, or write protest letters, or go to assassinate someone. Well, I’ve had all the same feelings that these people had about various things, and my way out, because of my inability to do anything else for various reasons, has been to make the protest through my artwork..." H.B.

Artist comment: Artwork from various books, shows and games I've enjoyed throughput the years. But mostly Doctor Who. You can find more of my artwork on my website:

30 Mind-Blowing Examples of Angel Art

ANGELES - An angel is a supernatural being or spirit, found in various religions and mythologies. In traditional art, angels are often depicted with wings on their back, representing a Christian image of God attendant.

Okay, I know I haven't been very excited about my Constellation Trilogy lately, but I'll try harder. Anywho, this is a scene where Rica finds the Sanctuary under SC-9. She's amazed at all of the various wildlife that has created their own ecosystem. And there's another thing under there: a huge disk that acts as a miniature sun <== please remove when repinned