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Hillsong senior pastor Brian Houston in an interview with ABC News Nightline done in 2014, is quite aware and seemingly pleased as he freely admits to knowing that Hillsong NYC church has 2 openly-gay men leading the choir. So how it is possible that in last week’s denial statement, Hillsong repeatedly states that they were “unaware” of what was going on? Why Hillsong chose to lie about it when it was so well know remains a mystery that hopefully they will explain at some point. #Hillsong…

SMELLS LIKE A FALSE FLAG TO ME: I am watching the LIVE video from the airport, and listening to the "eyewitnesses" talking about "what they saw". Maybe I am just getting cynical - BUT - sure smells like CRISIS ACTORS to me. Click to watch and let me know what you think.

NOT FUNNY: As the darkness of the end times continues its rise, we are seeing stranger and stranger manifestations of evil not just here in America but across the globe. Oddly, people dressed as clowns, once a symbol of childhood fun and innocence, have been spotted doing all sorts of scary, freaky things. One thing is for sure, nobody's laughing at the clowns anymore.

HERE WE GO: The anticipation for Monday night’s face-off between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has reached a fever pitch, with many expecting a defining moment in one of the wildest elections of modern times. Are YOU ready for what comes next? #Debate2016

NORTH KOREA RAMPS UP: According to the South Korean military, the latest SLBM flew about 500 kilometers. The missile’s range could reach 2,000 kilometers. Initially, it was expected to take two or three years for North Korea to be able to deploy SLBMs for combat use, but some observers say the deployment could happen earlier.

STAR WARS BUT FOR REAL: The U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, or AFRL, is on track to demonstrate a working laser weapon on a fighter jet by 2020, it has revealed. #NTEB

SOCIALIST SANDERS ON THE RISE: Good news, Donald Trump fans, if California goes all in for Bernie Sanders, the much-touted debate between him and Trump will happen after all. If Hillary loses the Golden State, expect her to be abandoned by the Democratic Party. Nothing is happening in either party as was planned or expected, and truly anything could happen.

ACTUNG!: With visions of Adolf Hitler's Nazi SS spinning in their heads, Merkel and company are fast coming to an inescapable conclusion. German streets filled with Muslim migrants are increasingly not safe, and the only answer may well be having to place armed soldiers on every streetcorner. Europe in lockdown, score another round for ISIS.

The Muslims also staged a series of protest marches, the most recent of which did become a riot last Sunday. Over a dozen policemen were injured in the resulting violence, according to India TV News, while about 30 vehicles were set ablaze.