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21 Embarrassing Animal Moms

“I’m a TEEN not a BABY, Ma!” | 21 Embarrassing Animal Moms

A mom will always try and keep her kids spiffy and clean

A mom will always lend a shoulder for you to cry on

I recently came across some incredible photographs of this beautiful little girl . I wanted to find out who she was.  Well, I didn't find out too much- but she apparently is taking the children's modeling world by storm. Her name is Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau.  She was born April 5, 2001 in France and is 10 years old. This young, talented french model is also a poet and writer.  Some of her photographs have stirred up controversy in the disturbing way it does when a young child is portrayed in an adult or sexual manner. This may bring back memories of Brooke Shields' rise to stardom.  Back in 1975, Terri Shields allowed her 10 year old daughter to be photographed nude, causing a public uproar which is still talked about today. At 12, Shields appeared in the movie "Pretty Baby" portraying a child prostitute. and the Calvin Klein ads... "Nothing comes between me and my Calvins" at 15. There is also a resemblance between the two young super models. A young Brooke Shields Thylane Blondeau At ten years old Blondeau is a already a hot commodity.  Appearing in many ads.... she is - simply put- one gorgeous little girl.  Her photographs and her beauty just seem to stop you in your tracks.  Thylane Blondeau and her mother Veronika Loubry. How much is too much? Well, the Brooke Shields scenario was definitely too much. Let's hope Blondeau's parents have the where-with-all to make better decisions for their daughter. You see... since the dawn of time-- society has been obsessed with beauty. There is a delicate balance in just letting little girls "play dress-up" like their mommies, and forcing sexuality on young girls for commercial exploitation.   A child's early years are so fleeting and pure, so sweet and innocent. What has happened to advertisers who can not cherish this wholesome and rare time in a child's life? Why can they not find the absolute beauty in just letting a child be a child? "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" they say.... well this is true. I believe the most beautiful thing in the world is the smiling, messy face of a child just being a child. They grow up soon enough and face all the trials and tribulations of being "Grown Up". I think many of our "grown ups" need to grow up themselves and not manipulate children for the sake of the almighty dollar. Much less the perverse sexual enjoyment of some who prey sexually upon our children. The world today is riddled with disturbing problems.... why must we tarnish our children? When I started this, I merely wanted to show you some of these beautiful photographs of this beautiful child. She is just that, striking and beautiful. I hope she is protected from this harsh, cruel world. ZsaZsa. \ images:via:tumblr, google

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Awww :) Cute baby Tiger