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Ann’s garden house ‘rug’ with black zip-ties. I might try this but I'd like to use less zip-ties & create a design with them. Perhaps I could start with an off color zips & at the end do the black or white in a purposeful manner.

'Fall' into Flea Market Gardening Contest Winner! First Place – Carolyn Hart Gutierrez who photographed her garden chair is a luscious melon color, with an arrangement of fall plants and flowers in the seat.

from Flea Market Gardening ( "Oh I am so excited about finishing my 'Shutter Angel' this week! She's out on the path to my 'Secret Garden in the Pines.' My DH (darlin' hubby) helped me make her 'bouquet' of flowers (needed some extra 'hand strength' with the barbed wire) & her 'halo.' Yes, she is a 'tall' angel & I will be planting a nice big hosta or a small shrub @ her feet or what I call her 'flowing gown' area."

Sitting Pretty - Using old chairs in the garden | Flea Market Gardening

Found this idea in Flea Market Garden magazine!!! Bebe'!!! Old tin funnel makes a perfect planter for this container garden!!! Love the trailing vines!!!

Bought an old light fixture for $5.00..painted it black…replaced the bulbs with solar lights…and then I was going to hang it from a shepherds hook..but then I noticed it would slide right into a piece of conduit…so I painted that black also. Inserted that into the ground. Instant light with no wiring!

Garden trellis panels which become a fence... This is a dream fence for anyone in deer country. Very slick and very worth sharing. Tina Reaume…

Fun garden vignettes from vintage doors | Flea Market Gardening

Look for these globe lights, easily found at thrift shops - fit solar lights