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11 Things Everyone With A Vagina Should Know About Food

11 Things Everyone With A Vagina Should Know About Food… THIS LIST IS DISGUSTING! It tells women to "smell less"… vaginas are natural and normal…and so it sweat and your vagina odor. How often do we tell men that their balls or sperm smell?!

Alkaline Foods List tells you whether if the foods you are eating are acidic or alkaline - big impact on your health and body!

Even more alkaline foods. INFLAMMATION cannot live in a highly Alkaline bloodstream! And Inflammation cannot exist when our immune systems are healthy. The top 10 Alkaline foods: 1. Spinach 2. Cucumbers 3. Celery 4. Almonds 5. Lemons/Limes 6. Alfalfa Sprouts 7. Asparagus 8. Apples 9. Garlic 10. Grapefruit Also ALL LEAFY greens are highly alkaline, such as Swiss Chard, Kale, etc.,.

Most Vitamins are Synthetic Chemicals.. Your vitamins could be sourced from GMO corn, like the Nature Made product in the picture. You can find a list of safe vitamins here: