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ADOPTED BY ME Amethyst is 15. She loves napping and she's often distant and spaced out. She can't help it, and it makes it hard for her to make friends.

Anime Girl with Pink Hair | ... girl, Look, Luka, Megurine, music, nice, pink, pink hair, pretty

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I'm Sarah. I hate my name and wish it was something cooler. I'm an earth dragon. I have few friends.

Mickey loves the color pink and adores sparkles! She has hair accessories aplenty, and a closet full of buttons and frills. She graduates a year early and winds up room-mates with another early graduate-Jasie. She loves her new bestie and her new school!

Anime picture 2250x3000 with original tsukaze long hair single tall image highres bare shoulders white hair heterochromia girl thighhighs dress gloves weapon black thighhighs elbow gloves boots headdress scythe

Anime girl with pink hair