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When You Feel Invisible | Notes: 1726 | Posted On: Sat Jun 25th, 2011 | ≡ Reblog

U don't have to find him he can come to you they best men come when you're not looking out of nowhere at least for me he came out of nowhere @Aaron Hawkins

The perfect guy is the one that makes you smile like you've never smiled before, or put these endless butterflies and nerves in your stomach. It's not always going to be the smartest one, or the more handsome one, or the richest one. It's that smile and care that's going to matter the most.

14 Valentine’s Quotes That Won’t Make You Vomit

Valentine’s Day usually finds us awash in mushy gifts, cheesy greeting cards, and romantic movies that kind of make us...well, gag. But romance doesn’t have to be nausea-inducing! We scoured the Internet for the best quotes about love and relationships that also happened to be the least likely to

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