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from Fairgoods

DIY: How to carve your own wooden spoons

I actually love this as a gift idea for family...except there is now way I would be able to make them

voiceofnature: “ Amazing woodcarved spoons by Giles Newman. He resides in northern Wales and makes individually designed and hand crafted green wood spoons carved using only traditional hand tools....

My Dad carves these, and other love spoon designs and sells them at craft fairs... he's 87 years old!

Why make a spoon so embellished and quirky that you can't use it and it takes weeks or months of spare-time to make? Carving Welsh lovespoons is a craft and a fine art that is well worth the attent...

giving gifts of handcrafted Welsh spoons to symbolise affection and love

Welsh Love Spoon. It was important for the girl's father to see that the young man was capable of providing for the family and woodworking.

Welsh love spoon, a romantic tradition. when a young man wanted to court a young lady he would carve a spoon to show off his talent and to prove his love. Each symbol on a lovespoon has a different meaning.