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Daily sketch 21, Borislav Mitkov on ArtStation at

Rorschach’s Inkblot Test A projective tests using bilaterally symmetrical ambiguous inkblots, and subjects such as yourself are to identify what you see. What you see is supposed to give hints to your motives and personality.

Mental Disorder - This is split into different sections, however, all sections present the same face. This could show a personality disorder of some sort. I feel that it represents how someone with such an illness would feel; fragmented and broken. All faces hold different expressions, too. One seems spaced out, one clearly depressed, one psychotic and the last one is extremely small which could represent the feeling of insignificance. I feel that this represents disorder very well.

Which Psych Character Are You? @emmaroseipod @gingerhayworth I just took it. Your next.

Psych - Personality Quiz Result - haaaaaaaa- You know that's right (Black, good sense of smell, can spell Oooooo yaaaaa)

This Color Test Will Determine What Type Of Intelligence You Have

"It is not how smart you are, it is how you are smart." -Howard Gardner Everyone is intelligent, just in their own ways. What's yours?