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Write → You get lost in a hospital and stumble into a maternity ward of things that humans aren't supposed to know about.

You are out treasure hunting with your metal detector when you dig up an old coin. Your new-found delight quickly turns to confusion, when on closer inspection you discover the name and face on the coin is your own!

Writing Prompt -- This is the City. We've got any food you want and more TV than you could watch in a lifetime, but don't set foot outside after sundown or the cops will shoot you.

I tilted my head as I watched the man, my silver eyes glistening in the dim light of the cafe that was due to close any moment now. And yet he opened the door, and walked towards the counter to buy a coffee. He stopped and looked around while waiting, and his eyes slightly widened when he saw me, quietly drinking my tea in the corner of the room as I watched him. ~Aira~

A high school chemistry teacher recreates Dr. Jekyll's potion, but doesn't have the courage to test it himself. he brings it to school in an innocuous container and "misplaces" it.