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I may not be perfect. but i do try to think before i speak. If only we all could do this.Before you speak... THINK!

Bright Ideas Blog Hop - Using Google Drive (Docs) in the Classroom

Really want to do this: On one side, on 1st balloon write the prefix, on 2nd balloon write the root word, 3rd balloon write the new word. Do the same thing on the other side with suffixes

I LOVE "Love & Logic!" If you haven't read Teaching with Love & Logic or Parenting with Love & Logic, I highly recommend them!!

When students ask a question no one in the class knows (including myself), they can put it up on the Google Board. Students can bring back a written answer to one of the questions of their choice each week for extra credit, or whatever incentive you choose. They get really excited when a question comes up that they can put on the board and find out the answer to later...