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This one's sports related. I'm looking for inspiration for artwork in a chiropractor's office.

What if you didn’t have to add anything to yourself? I’m certainly not talking about adding stuff like knowledge, which can be useful, or even material things. If you’ve always wanted a certain sports car for whatever reason, go for it!

from Counting My Blessings

The Best Way to Overcome Fear and Worry Overload

If fear and worry were sports I'd Olympic medals. Little fears. Big ones. Things beyond my control. Maybe you're there too. Maybe you're ready for a change. Read this to find out what helped me.

Skating Assocation for the Blind and Handicapped (SABAH) - SABAH’s mission is to challenge individuals with special needs and volunteer partners to experience the success, pride, freedom and joy of therapeutic ice-skating while achieving personal growth. Each week, our athletes step on the ice with courage and determination as they grow and learn to believe in themselves.

#Football season is upon us - are you ready? Beyond providing #fall entertainment, the sport is a prime example of how a common team goal can lead to amazing #success. #theONEthing