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you’re doing it wrong louis you have to be naked when you do the hat thing <<< lol>> he's still hot with clothes on, and I don't say that for many people

Stop scrolling and enjoy a silly face by Louis. :D Okay, now you may continue scrolling. But, remember that you're beautiful!

Louis William Tomlinson everybody. of one the most biggest boybands.

Louis Tomlinson

if I pass out show this pic to my doctor he'll understand

He looks so into what he is doing. This picture looks like the whole world stopped and Lou is just standing here thinking... I love this boy and this picture. I love all of the above! Lol

One of my favorite Louis pictures maybe ? JK all of the pictures I see of Louis are my favorite , I could never decide

#imagineNiallHoran Niall singing you to sleep when you can't sleep. And you fall asleep with a smile on your face. He kisses you on the cheek when your asleep & whispers I love you y/n don't ever forget that. *puts his guitar away & snuggles close with you & dreams of your weeding day* (good? Bad? Ideas?)

Day My favorite band member is Niall Horan. He is funny, Irish, and hot, what's not to love?