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it's cool to be kind. #quote #inspired

A guy from my neighbourhood came by with some sugar free candies and told me on Halloween his diabetic daughter would come by with him, and he asked me to give them to her. What an awesome daddy!

A customer asked for some help picking flowers, I told him I didn't know much about them as no one has ever bought me any. Half an hr later he handed me some, I nearly cried.

You found me broken said you wanted me as I was.... then kept poking at my wounds and blamed me for making you miserable for having the very same features and attributes I already had from day one! Oh, that's right.... it's because I saw the stains in your pants. Pig. Abusive pig.

You deserve it. For the app of uplifting wallpapers ~ xo #selfcare #kindness

After this election cycle #lol #haha #funny

Those who are truly happy are kind to one another. #positivitynote #positivity #inspiration

"sometimes I get so far into my head that I forget anything else exists"

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