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*** TO BE DESTROYED 10/07/16 *** AHOY!....CAPTAIN...JACK....SPARROW TRIO!! These 3 month old mateys are between a rock and a hard place....The colony where they have been living is about to become a home with large dogs and they would be in danger. However, these little ones are in even worse danger at the ACC because they are listed to walk the ACC plank tomorrow at High Noon!! They are fearful little pirate cats and they are rescue only.....IF YOU CAN COME TO THE RESCUE OF THESE LADS AND…

NENA - A1048259 - - Manhattan **TO BE DESTROYED 08/21/15** The past few days have been a whirlwind for 6-year-old NENA, and not in a good way. She went from being a family pet, to being a shelter cat who needs a New Hope rescue to pull her, because someone decided to bring her to the ACC rather than to a vet. NENA is not feeling her best, she seems to be constipated, and her owner surrender notes mention that she vomits after she eats. New Hope rescues know that Nena is th

KAUAI - A1073249 - - Brooklyn Please Share: ***TO BE DESTROYED 05/18/16*** KAUAI IS BACK AFTER LAST NIGHT’S CANCELLED LIST – AND NEEDS RESCUE MORE THAN EVER NOW!! After the ACC was having massive computer issues—they came up with a 27 cat list which ended up being cancelled. Nothing puts the “care” in “Animal Care Centers” quite like heaping even worse challenges on top of cats who are already facing steep odds. One of the most

Tiny kitten en route to BACC from Queens is probably URI/conjunctivitis. Will need placement ASAP, following initial medical exam at BACC. If you will be able to take, please contact a NEW HOPE RESCUE ASAP!

JIGSAW - A1073586 - - Brooklyn Please Share: **TO BE DESTROYED 05/22/16** Thirteen was an unlucky number for JIGSAW, a beautiful 12-month-old kitten who entered the ACC as a stray on May 13th. Her initial medical notes show a sociable, friendly girl, but after a few days in the shelter she was acting more timid. The poor girl would have been exposed to so much horror and stress by then, but this GOOD girl still rallied enough to earn a nice EXPNOCHILD rating from the ACC

LINGUINI - A1075376 - - Staten Island Please Share: ***TO BE DESTROYED 06/02/16*** LINGUINI AND PAL SPAGHETTI ( CURRENTLY IN – UNKNOWN STATUS-) WERE BROUGHT IN AS STRAYS. AND NOW, FEAR HAS GIVEN LINGUINI A RESCUE ONLY RATING! The 2 year old is scared and does not even want to be handled. A NEW HOPE RESCUE needs to step in her only “HOPE” at this point. But they need a FOSTER or ADOPTER to STEP in! Contact a New Hope rescue and give this girl (and SPAGHE