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Young people being discriminated...

It’s almost 2014 and some people have to deal with this everyday…

29 Tumblr Posts About White People That Will Make You Sip Your Tea on imgfave

No longer have any white friends. This is the funniest thing I have ever read.

Not just Mexicans… ALL Latinos… Oh and Latinas don't ONLY say this when hurting in a negative way either… ;) lol

I said it in front of my friend (Daniel) and he started singing " Ayayaysya" ah Guatemalan friends are the best.

Racism and homophobia are linkedto lower IQ - WTF fun facts

Racism and homophobia are linkedto lower IQ - WTF fun facts - surprise, surprise.

There Is Good And Bad, Whomever You Meet, However You Identify Them

Funny pictures about Apple Juice Happiness. Oh, and cool pics about Apple Juice Happiness. Also, Apple Juice Happiness photos.

Lol. That's so true.   It's like i am physically incapable of saying that word

The Best ATM Password. I remember watching this on Last Comic Standing. I thought he was great! :) Jokes on racism

Haha, this makes me totally question the American education system

Shania Law's greatest hits:

America has a thing called freedom of religion! Like that's probably why some of them are here in the first place, not everyone is going to be like you in America stop complaining please