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Gingerbread is my favorite December theme and a favorite of my students.  They cannot wait to read a different version of the story an...

Sure you can... Once I asked my friend that apparently does swim how long her 50 free took. She said about two minutes. I was like, oh my gosh that's terrible! Then I elaborated that a 50 was a lap, and she said, oh I thought that you were talking about 50 LAPS! Then I was thinking to myself there is no way that anyone can swim 50 LAPS in TWO minutes! Omg it was so funny!

"I'm homeschooled, so there's not much you can ground me from. So you know what my parents grounded me from? Cereal. They grounded me from cereal."

End of the world.

it ticks down to the ending of the person's world as they know it. when it ends, they meet someone

Write Like Your Characters Really Exist

Why you should write like your characters really exist. Great, thought-provoking post!

Not Without My Sister: The True Story of Three Girls Violated and Betrayed by Those They Trusted by Kristina Jones

Me, except it would be my favorite Chinese delivery instead of pizza... they know my life...