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Factors, Multiples, Prime, Composite - PPT Game

Here a Jeopardy style game dealing with factors, multiples, prime, and composite numbers. There are 6 categories for a total of 30 questions. There is a final questions for students to solve. Great for review before a test or a rainy day activity.

This FREEBIE is a sample written with the new Texas STAAR Math TEKs. It follows the scope and sequence of TEKS Resource System. This review is an important part of practicing and solidifying new as well as previously learned skills. Each week has four days of questions with six questions for each day. There is also a Quiz every two weeks with questions pulled from the reviews. I have found this review to be a tremendous help to my student’s success with the difficulty level of the new TEKs.

Factor Rainbows - Multiplication Factors

Decorate your math classroom with vibrant factor rainbows to help students memorize multiplication, multiples, and factors.

Roll It! Rounding Game

This FREE rounding decimals game worked great in my math centers! The game board for rounding decimals to the nearest hundredth was excellent practice for both my 5th graders and 6th graders.

Teaching Area Using Applied Math

Teaching area is engaging and authentic with this hands-on applied math activity! Students arrange furniture to find the area and perimeter of their house.

Prime and Composite Numbers Activities

These two math centers activities will help your students practice identifying prime and composite numbers. Also included are a student reflection page and four exit tickets to check for student participation and understanding.Anchor stations include:*Venn diagram classification sort with student reflection page*Prime and composite Maze Game 4-6 $