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Experimenting with Slow Shutter Speeds can be a lot of fun. Today Charles Clawson from sums up three types of slow shutter techniques and invites you show off your attempts at doing them. There have been some great articles and interest lately on long exposures so I thought I would put together a hodgepodge […]

You’ve been bitten by the photography bug – it’s not an actual insect, but you know what I mean. After the salesman pried that hard-earned money from your hands, you brought home that tantalizing-looking DSLR and your friends looked at it like it was a dangerous alien device, inquiring what all of those buttons, dials, …

from Travel With Bender

10 Night Photography Tips For Beginners

If you own a digital SLR camera and are getting comfortable with daylight shooting, then the next natural progression is capturing the night. Find inspiration from several beautiful examples of night photos, plus 10 simple-to-follow tips you can use today to get a firm grasp on night photography.

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Best Olympus lenses in 2016

If you’re planning to capture the sunrise or sunset, you don’t want to waste any of your time on location messing around with camera settings. In the latest post in our series of pre-shoot checklists we suggest some of the best camera settings for long-exposure landscapes.