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Pretty.Random.Things.: Thankful Thursday

It's Not Happy People who are Thankful! It's thankful people who are Happy! So True!

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My hubs is way hotter than Luke and I'd shake it for him anytime.this made me laugh though!

even better...when I order something and forgot about it and then it arrives!!! Merry Xmas to me! LOL

I love finding money in my clothes. It's like a gift to me from me.

Free, Confession Ecard: Sometimes I look at people and wonder how they've made it this far.

"everyday of my life at school"----haha, wait till you grow up and those people are your bosses!~any random adult

Recently, a reader asked me about my Awesomely Thankful gratitude journal. What’s in it? What should she write? Can I share pictures? Not every day can be great. Not as a parent. Not as a human being. Like you, I’ve had my times of difficult moments. Times when I felt left out. Times when I …

How to be Awesomely Thankful

Omg yes

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Read this every day.

Be thankful for this day, because all you ever have is this day.the present moment! Always be thankful for the present moment, because it is the reality of your existence.


"I am Thankful" printable. This month I'm going to write down something I'm thankful for each day. I made this little note card to remind me I have lots to be thankful for and to write down one of the reasons. 7 DAYS OF THANKS