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Emilio Estevez Photos Photos: Emilio Estevez and Martin Sheen attend 'The Way' Photocall

Emilio Estevez - Played Billy the Kid in Young Guns. Cousin Emilio Estevez! Love to my Sheen Estevez Cousins Always.

Joseph Francis Mazzello III 1983 - Joseph Mazello was raised in a Catholic family of Italian/mixed descent in New York. He attended Catholic high school. By the age of 5 he was in his first movie, with Harrison Ford. Mazello's career took off and he eventually shared the screen with some of Hollywood's greatest actors, in several memorable roles, often playing a child victimized by people or circumstances. Starred in HBO's WWII miniseries, "The Pacific". Unknown if he still practices the…

Hunter Elliot Gomez 1991 - Hunter Gomez was born into a large Catholic family in Arizona. Is best known for playing the young Nick Cage character in "National Treasure", and for co-starring in the Christian film "Last Ounce of Courage". Gomez is a practicing Catholic, who is a political conservative and who has started his own charity food drive. He is committed to the cause of Religious Freedom.

Andy Garcia (Andres Arturo Garcia Menendez) 1956 - Cuban born but U.S. raised, Andy Garcia came from a well-to-do Catholic family. An illness in high school turned his thoughts to acting instead of basketball. His breakout role was as a Fed agent in "The Untouchables". When asked if he was a practicing Catholic, Garcia cagily answered, "Well, I have four children". Has said he is "a man of faith", but also admits he dislikes confession and does not go. Appears to avoid using foul language.


Sexiest Man Alive: 50 Hot Guys from 50 States

RHODE ISLAND: CHARLIE DAY The Horrible Bosses actor spent most of his childhood in Middletown – but don't tell that to his It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans. "It's so funny now because no matter where I go, I have people coming up to me going, 'Hey, I'm from Philly, too.' So I've completely lost my identity as a guy who grew up in Rhode Island," he told New Jersey's Courier-Post. "I'm a Philly guy now."