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Oolong Blossoms - Let the natural floral aroma of this blend whisk you into flowery dreams. Each Oolong leaf perfectly roasted to provide the perfect base for this blend. We absolutely love how the whole Chamomile flowers in this blend further enhance the fragrant notes of the Oolong making the two ingredients a perfect complement. Premium Oolong Tea, Chamomile Flowers, Forget-Me-Not

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Lychee Martini - Some people say that this naturally sweet tea has a light honey-like taste and people loves it iced – you can try doing a cold brew version by placing 2 to 3 tea bags in 1 litre of water. Allow it to infuse in a fridge overnight to get a delicious naturally sweet cold Lychee Black Tea. Add in fresh mint leaves for a refreshing boost! Premium Black Tea infused with Lychee

Dessert of Roses - Sweet and delicate, this tea is a symphony of flavours in your mouth. Everyone waits in anticipation as the fragrance fills the air, and the spotlight falls on the last dish of a 5 course meal – the dessert. It’s floral scent and a sweet peachy character makes it almost like an after dinner dessert without actually putting on any calories! Premium Ceylon Black Tea infused with Peach and Apricot, French Rose Petals

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Chamomile - These sweet daisy-like flowers are synonymous with a herbal infusion that is calming and soothing. A stable for almost every herbal tea enthusiast, chamomile is light bodied and the fragrance of the fresh flowers resembles a crisp apple-like flavour. Earthy and airy, chamomile has a palatable taste to most people and it does not need to be sweetened at all due to its light floral notes.

Oolong - Light bodied and refreshing, Oolong Tea is perfect after a full meal and an ideal addition to the dinner table. Oolong Tea as we know it today has fine quality and unique flavour. It was the first tea to be made a tribute tea, in the Song Dynasty and selected by the Emperor to be offered as a gift to the royal court, which was a great honour and good for business.

Jasmine's Magic - On a magic carpet ride – that’s exactly how we felt when we blended this tea! Bringing you into a whole new world with our Lavender infused Jasmine Green Tea. Lavender has been used over the ages for promoting rest and creating a relaxed state of mind. The distinctive smell of lavender has often been associated with stress relief, making Jasmine’s Magic an ideal bedtime tea to help draw you into a restful sleep. Jasmine Green Tea, Lavender Flowers

Passion Mansion - Fans of the exotic tropical fruit can now shout, HURRAY! The Passion Fruit and Roselle come together perfectly, giving you the absolute balance between its sweet and the tangy flavours. The zest of the hibiscus enhances the Passion Fruit’s exotic characteristics; In fact, we would love to have turned it into a dessert pie or tart if we could! Premium Black Tea infused with Passion Fruit, Roselle (Hibiscus Flower)