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"Have you ever met someone and felt an instant connection, but somehow missed your chance to really get to know them? "

Why are all of SJM's female characters my fav? #ToG #ACOTAR

from Rookie Parenting Science

7 Scientific Reasons Why I Don't Punish – Discipline

Abuse apologists<--- I think this is weirdly important. As the audience, we can easily become intellectually detached from a movie in pursuit of emotionally supporting a villain. It is nice to see some common sense, even if I still like some of the more insane villains out there (I'm looking at you, Moriarty).

I had to get a live lizard out of my dog's mouth the other day, and then she went right over to a toad and tried to eat that. I guess it didn't go well because she started coughing and foaming at the mouth. She's fine now, btw. Still hunts for lizards and toads, though. Dumb dog.

Cast Iron 101: How to Use, Clean and Season a Cast Iron Skillet - Cast iron pots and pans cook evenly, efficiently and best off all, use less fatty oils that regular pans. So that alone makes foods healthier. Don't throw out your rusty old cast iron pans! See how to bring them back to life!

Bones is the sassiest Vulcan translator in the universe. --- I would love to watch the original series again. Haven't seen them for ... well, too long! :P