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Those women who eat a high fat diet and are 40% or more over weight or those who smoke more that 10 cigarettes per day are at higher risk of getting Breast Cancer. #ajmanbank #thepinkcaravan #pink #BreastCancerAwareness

Do not allow Internet browsers to store passwords for you Stored passwords allow anyone who can access your computers/smartphones to log in to your web accounts as you. In addition, there are numerous utilities that can expose that hidden information and actually reveal the password. If you've reused that password for other logins, many systems or websites could be compromised.

MoF organises a reception for UAE banks at the sidelines of the annual meetings of the IMF and World Bank in Washington #ajmanbank #UAEBanks #WorldBank #ObaidHumaidAlTayer #InternationalMonetaryFund #IMF

Did you know that with every purchase made by #Ajmanbank Credit Card you can earn ROADMILES?

Don't enter your username and password on any computer you don't control. Using public computers will always carry the risk of exposing your personal data. You should never use public computers for online banking, bill paying, or for making purchases that require you to give out confidential information such as a credit card number.

Mahra Ladies Banking by #Ajman Bank is designed exclusively for women. Whether it is the management of monthly household expenditure; your child’s school fee payment, choosing the right investment or insurance plan or that designer hand bag you can’t stop thinking about, with Mahra by your side you can rest assured that trustworthy financial advice and solutions are just a phone call away.

80 per cent of working women in the UAE are willing to take on more responsibility and challenges to advance their career, as compared with a global average of just 58 per cent.

Ajman Bank Participates in UAE Flag Day Celebrations #ajmanbank #ajman #UAE #flagday

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