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I want this too. Things that are round, glossy, and magical. Am I turning wicca? I better stop watching The Craft so much.

As Franz spoke, he heard the sound of a door turning on its hinges, and almost immediately afterwards the tapestry was drawn aside, and the owner of all these riches stood before the two young men. Albert instantly rose to meet him, but Franz remained, in a manner, spellbound on his chair; for in the person of him who had just entered he recognized not only the mysterious visitant to the Colosseum, and the occupant of the box at the Teatro Argentino, but also his extraordinary host of Monte…

This Is Just Exactly Like You by Drew Perry, Click to Start Reading eBook, "Richly imagined, beautifully written, and completely absorbing. I found myself spellbound, turning p

There are three characters in “The Weekend” but, only two really take center stage from the onset of this story. There are many shock points from the first paragraph on that will keep the reader spellbound to the last page. You will find yourself on such a roller coaster ride with the two main characters that you can’t wait to finish one page so, you can get to the next one. It is a very quick read but, one that has many twists, and turns.