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Daily Jokes: When my parents are asleep ME - shhhh they're sleeping,,, When i'm sleeping MY PARENTS - Lets vacuum the house for 3 hours.

Me: *wishes more people would pay attention to me* Also me: *wishes people would leave me alone* Ah, the joys of being an extroverted introvert...

A guy from my neighbourhood came by with some sugar free candies and told me on Halloween his diabetic daughter would come by with him, and he asked me to give them to her. What an awesome daddy!

.....I'm not even a Hillary supporter due to her involvement in the privatization of prisons, which just happened to be disproportionately filled with AA/black men. Definitely by design but this guy is NOT capable of the presidency of the US. He will treat it as if it belongs to him and his family. Not to mention alienating us from the rest of the civilized world...but hey, just my opinion. Try to take it!

Words are not illegal. Calling words sexual assault is an insult to actual assault survivors. If groping is assault, file a report. If not, stop pretending to be a victim. I'm a woman, and I call bullshit on the "rape culture" sham.

Or if you aren't, are white, and respect Black Excellence and Superiority. #BlackFemaleSupremacy

I'm passing it to the internet, so that's more than enough

Leo has standards, you call it what you want... I call it self respect.