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because 9 times out of 10 the robber will be wearing shoes??????? legos plus shoes equal no problem. now legos plus no shoes equal OMG WHAT AND WHY DID THIS HAPPEN!!!! AM I STANDING ON A PORCUPINE!?!?!?!!?

LEGO Safe - It actually works! With over 305 billion code combinations and equipped with an electronic display, motion sensitive alarm, and an automatic locking system! This thing is amazing!

Lego Memes. Because we've been in the house too long

Security for the modern home…

most definitely. Only getting stung by a bee repeatedly in my foot has caused me such pain. (other pains has been numbed by good drugs)But stepping on a lego can make you fall on the floor and convulse

How to Build a Secret, Hidden Security Box Out of Old LEGO Bricks and a Magnet

Dylan Hart of Household Hacker (previously) demonstrates how to build a super secret, hidden security box out of old LEGO bricks and a magnet in his most recent video. In this project we will show …

Lego Table made from Ikea $150.00 I purchased the Trofast white unit for 39.99, the gray table top for 15.99 and 14 different sized storage bins that totaled $31. Then off to the Lego store to purchase 8 plates that are 10inches, they were $4.99 so just under $40.00 and glue. The glue I used for the plates was, Loctile PL Premium Construction Adhesive. 24 1-1/4 wood nails drilled in through the underside of the storage unit into the table top.