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Aviva Allen Kids Healthy Eating Chart 2013

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Healthy & Organic Toddler Snack Cookies

These have 5 ingredients and are gluten free too!! Twitchetts: Healthy & Organic Toddler Snack Cookies

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Greek Yogurt Chocolate Mousse

A delicious, light and healthier Chocolate Mousse recipe made with greek yogurt. Great for kids, this makes a really simple but very tasty summer dessert! My Fussy Eater blog

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Top 15 Delicious Chicken Recipes For Kids

Are you looking for some healthy & tasty recipes to please your picky eater? If yes, then read on to know 15 dhealthy and delicious chicken recipes for kids

Preparation is the key to keeping a healthy, balanced diet. Prep your meals once a week for lunches at work and snacks on the go.

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8 Must-Read Books To Inspire Your Wellness Journey

8 Must-Read Books To Inspire Your Wellness Journey | Good list. I own most of these ;) | health book |

Power Packed Fruit and Veggie Muffin for Picky Eaters

.If you decide to eat sweets and things that are bad for you, then you are making a choice. If you decide to fill up on vegetables (whether you like them or not), then you will have less room for junk. If you feel you are an emotional eater, then you have to figure out how to stop and deal with your emotions.