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The Taliaferro-Cole Shop on Duke of Gloucester Street. Tom Little was the architect for this building when he worked for the Restoration in the late 1930 - early 1940s. Colonial Williamsburg.

31 de marzo La fragancia de Cristo “…SOMOS EL AROMA DE CRISTO…” (2 Corintios 2:15 CST) “…Somos el aroma de Cristo entre los que se salvan y entre los que se pierden. Para éstos somos olor de muerte que los lleva a la muerte; para aquéllos, olor… que los lleva a la vida” (v. 15-16 CST). Cuando el ejército romano ganaba una batalla, hacían desfilar por la calle a sus enemigos encadenados. Y como parte de la celebración, quemaban incienso en una serie de altares por toda la ciudad. Así, los que…

For Ruth Avra, creating is about “making a beautiful work of art,” as shown in her “Black Rose Series.” American Made. Click on the image to learn more about Ruth Avra at

In the book 'Chains' by Laura Hulse Anderson, Isabel has to learn loyalty after she & her sister Ruth are sold to a high society New York family called the Loftons. Through her struggles to protect herself & her sister, she learns new loyalties to Lady Seymour & Curzon. Her story continues in 'The Forge', the second book in this series.

Ponies on Ice My Little Pony: I Can Read Book by Ruth Benjamin Author Carlo Lo Raso Illustrator The ponies are having an ice-skating party, and each pony plans to share a special skating trick. But Pinkie Pie doesn't even know how to skate! Will she be able to learn in time for the party? Reading Level: 4–8 yrs. Book Length: 24 pages. Skating Books for Elementary, Books for Beginner Figure Skater’s. Figure Skating Quotes.