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Blue Morpho (Morpho peleides) - The brilliant blue is caused by a diffraction of the lights rays by the scales on its wings.

The Morpho rhetenor helena is often called the most beautiful butterfly in the world. It's huge, has rich, extremely metallic blue coloring (rhetenors are the most metallic of all morphos), and a stunning white pattern. On the specimens we received the white appears as though it's drowning in a sea of blue, it kind of looks submerged. Its wings feel a bit thicker and more substantional than the other morphos whose wings are notoriously thin and delicate.Origin:South America

The Pearl Morpho has a pearl-like glossy sheen that changes color depending on the angle it's viewed and sometimes will disappear entirely. There's several variations of the Pearl Morpho, some have a slight blue tint while others are less blue and more "pearly".Origin:South America

The Sparkling Cherub (Doxocopa cherubina) is an amazing little butterfly. If it was the size of a big Blue Morpho it would likely be one of the most popular butterflies in the world.

The Morpho menelaus is one of the most commonly displayed butterflies in the world. Its wings are often used in jewelry and art displays. Like the blue Morpho didius, its blue coloring can vary quite a bit although its upper wings aren't as elongated as the didius. There are 2 notable differences though between the menelaus & the didius though. The menelaus is a bit smaller than the average didius.Origin:South America